The Benefits of Second Language Study

Regarding World Language Education

NEA Research, December 2007

The Benefits of Second Language Study

Research Findings with Citations

Contents  (page number)
• Status of U.S. second language study 1
Research Findings: Second language study:

• …benefits academic progress in other subjects 2
• …narrows achievement gaps 3
• …benefits basic skills development 3
• …benefits higher order, abstract and creative thinking 4
• …(early) enriches and enhances cognitive development 4
• …enhances a student’s sense of achievement 4
• …helps students score higher on standardized tests 5
• …promotes cultural awareness and competency 5
• …improves chances of college acceptance, achievement and attainment 6
• …enhances career opportunities 6
• …benefits understanding and security in community and society 6
• …barriers 6

Full text research can be found:


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